Firenzecolor™ is the USA premier supplier of fine imported sustainable coatings. Our range of products include Italian Grassello, Marmorino Plasters, Metallic Coatings, Seamless Floor Lime/Cement mixtures, as well as microcements. Our Premium Italian manufacturer partners include Novacolor SRL which to date is our most important partner, bringing to you the hottest products available in the decorative finishing world. 

Novacolor™ Corporate Mission

One on One Consultations

Our Technical Service Team is here for you, whether you are developing a particular control sample or just honing your skills on a particular technique.

Custom Coloration

We specialize in custom tinting. Liquid pigments are precisely matched to industry colors and measured by volume to match colors for your design.

forklift unloading freight

Dealership Opportunities

Firenzecolor™ distributes to all of North America. Inquire about your business potential.

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